Watch Out for the Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019!

By webzaaadmin
In March 1, 2019

Well, it’s been half the year now, and the digital marketing industry is still on its toes! The reason being, by the end of the year, businesses are likely to experience a significant way in their approach of campaigning to leverage maximum opportunities.

Do you know what every web development and website design company, SEM agency, SMO agency, SEO agency are looking forward to this year?

Take a glance at the top digital marketing trends in 2019.

#1. Personalisation of contents:

Every content writing and SEO company in Mumbai is gearing up to emphasis more on content personalisation. The concept which started in 2017 would continue to rule even in 2018 as consumers are having more demands from brands.

Businesses need to consider specific interests, preferences and behaviour of customers in their marketing strategy for digging deeper. Now, this can be a simple bespoke website or a customized campaign, depending on the type of business.

#2. Social Advertising:

It’s too early to consider ‘organic search’ as story of the past now; but certainly, it’s not the only way to drive traffic and hence, conversion. In 2018, plan to invest more in social media marketing to directly communicate with a potential client, regardless of what business you have.

For example – If you are into real estate, opt for the best real estate social media marketing agency to connect more personally with clients and address their requirements effectively.

#3: Mobile-optimization:

Google prioritizing mobile optimization is no news, but most still aren’t ready with this new strategy. Well, 2018 is likely to experience more surge in mobile strategy as more consumers are inclining towards smart phones and other such devices. If you haven’t joined the race yet, it’s time to hire a website design agency and create a responsive website to drive more audience.

#4: Ads:

Artificial Intelligence or AI will have great impact on the way paid search teams work. The trends which we have seen in 2017, including ad creation, ad rotation, display of ad extensions, etc. are more automated now. According to Frederick Vallaeys, a renowned author at Search Engine Land, the evolution is likely to create and open up more opportunities for those who can accept.

If you’re yet to work on this area, you can still hire a Google AdWords agency in Mumbai who’ll strategies your ad plans according to all these latest trends.

Here’s something new!

While web development and web design along with contents continue to remain as a core part of marketing strategies; the advent of Big Data technologies has opened doors of opportunities now. Marketers can make better predictions of their consumers by collecting data from mobile app downloads, social media portals, online purchases, etc.

Well, that’s not all!

Here are a few more trends you should be aware of –

  1. Identifying micro-moments
  2. Integration of social messaging apps
  3. Incorporating marketing activities in customer’s life cycle
  4. Utilizing different sources of data
  5. Bringing the concept of storytelling in web development and web design

Hence, to leverage the positives coming ahead this year, seek professional help to keep your business up and ready in the face of competition.

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